ACTION ALERT: City of Boston Arts and Culture Funding


On April 13, 2022 Mayor Wu announced her FY23 city budget and plan for distributing $350M in ARPA funds allocated to the city of Boston. Included in both the budget and the ARPA spending plan were significant investments in Boston’s Arts and Cultural sector with a priority on supporting organizations who serve Communities of Color and artists who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color:


  • a $200K increase from FY22


  • $15 million to elevate and invest in BIPOC-led cultural organizations 
  • $5 million for reactivating our public spaces in both our neighborhoods and Downtown for artists, cultural workers and community organizations

However, unlike previous years when City Council had little ability to revise or change the Mayors proposed spending plans, this year thanks to Ballet Question #1 that passed in November 2021 with overwhelming support from voters, they do.

This means City Councilors will have the opportunity to revise spending plans proposed by the Mayor - including reducing funding for the arts and cultural sector. 

We must advocate NOW to ensure Boston City Councilors pass the FY23 Budget and ARPA Spending plans with investments to the arts and cultural community intact. 

Over the last two and half years our community has been hit hard by the pandemic and required public space closures. Simultaneously the stark inequities of historic investments in BIPOC led and serving arts organizations have been laid bare. Mayor Wu’s proposal would begin to address this injustice and help us realize an arts and cultural sector that is stronger, more equitable and better able to serve all Bostonians. 

Without strong and vocal advocacy on these spending plans we are in danger of losing this much needed public investment. 


Attend the upcoming hearing on ARPA Funds and the Arts.  The Ways and Means Committee will hold hearings on the arts and culture portion of the FY23 budget and the COVID-19 Recovery Committee will hold hearings on ARPA funding. We need your attendance and testimony to enusre the Committee knows we support this and are paying attention. 

Scheduled! Friday May 27 at 10am ARPA Spending Proposal Hearing led by the COVID-19 Recovery Committee.

Reach out directly to Ways and Means Chair Tania Fernandes Anderson and Councilor Kenize Bok, Chair of the COVID-19 Recovery Committee. As Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Councilor Fernandes Anderson will hold hearings on the FY23 Budget. Councilor Bok will hold hearings on the ARPA spending plan. They will lead their committees in developing recommendations that the full Council will consider. 

Use our simple email generator to share your support with Councilor Fernandes Anderson and Councilor Bok

Reach out directly to your City Councilor and At-Large Councilors. We want to make sure that constituents from every neighborhood and council district share their strong support for City investments in the arts and cultural community. 

Use our simple email generator to share your support with your City Councilor and At-Large Councilors.

Attend upcoming office hours with your City Councilor. City Councilors and their staff hold regular office hours and district meetings that are open to the public.  Reach out to your City Councilor’s office and ask when the next meetings will be. You would be surprised how open and available your City Councilor and their staff are when it comes to connecting with constituents. 

Look up your City Councilor and reach out for a meeting.

Check out some talking points to use when you meet with your City Councilor or Staff Member

Use your social media platforms to get the word out and share your support. We’ve created a series of images and copy to use in posts:

Check our our Boston ARPA advocacy toolkit (to be used in conjunction with advocacy directly to Ways and Means Chair Tania Anderson)

Check out our Boston FY23 and ARPA Advocacy toolkit (to be in in conjunction with advocacy to ALL City Councilors)

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