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Everyday, we’re seeing new Arts Matter videos pop up. With each new face, each new story, we’re continuing a conversation about arts, culture, and creativity in the Commonwealth. It’s important that we show candidates that the arts are not just nice – they are necessary! Keep spreading your favorites and make your own – it’s easy!

Here’s our roundup of this week’s Arts Matter videos:


Gary Dunning, executive director of Celebrity Series of Boston imparts a clear message:
“Arts are not a cultural nicety; they are an economic and education necessity.”


"Arts are how we are remembered as a culture and as a society."
Julie Hennrikus from StageSource shares her story and asks you to do the same.


Sinha Capoeira Boston demonstrates capoeira, which combines elements of
martial-arts, dance, music, and acrobatics.


Students from Tufts University & the school’s Art Gallery chime in on why the arts matter to them.


“Art brings people together.” - Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno 
and the local creative community talk about the arts in Springfield.


Terry Wolkowicz from New Bedford Symphony Orchestra 
shares how their music education programs strengthen learning across academic disciplines. 
File under: #ArtsMatter.


"Arts matter -- Wherever we live." -- Trudy Weaver Miller from SingersBabel tells a story about the impact of arts in Damascus, Syria after the chemical weapons attack last year.


Fitchburg Cultural Alliance
 executive director Jennifer Jones 
speaks from the heart to tell us why arts matter to her.


Provincetown Jazz Festival lays down a beat and shares why arts matter to him.


Happy Tonics
 shares why arts and environmental education go hand-in-hand.


"Without [the arts] we would be culturally poor and spiritually bereaved."
Thanks to Zamir Chorale of Boston's Artistic Director Josh Jacobson for his insight.

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