Spotlight: Artisan's Asylum Produces PPE

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen so many of the ways the creative community is using their work to aid and ease others throughout the crisis. Some are producing and releasing arts-centered educational materials to help teachers and parents with their students at home; some are hosting concerts from their living room, either to raise donations for vital relief funds, or just to add a bit of joy to our day. Museums have gone digital, theatres and operas stream daily, and even Fenway Park’s own organ player is bringing a taste of that ballpark music into our homes. In an unprecedented situation, the arts & culture community has stepped up in every way, and the creativity they have used never ceases to astound us.

Today, we want to spotlight the efforts of one organization that’s going above and beyond to aid in the crisis and help the frontlines. We were amazed to hear the Artisan’s Asylum has converted their workspace into a PPE factory, and their members are hard at work producing surgical grade face shields, face masks, and hospital gowns. Located in Somerville, Artisan’s Asylum is traditionally a non-profit community makerspace, offering tools, workspace, and special events to members and the general public. Like many of our favorite spaces, Artisan’s Asylum was forced to close due to the voluntary quarantine measures. But upon hearing about the PPE shortages in hospitals occurring across the Commonwealth, a few of their dedicated members decided to re-open the space exclusively to produce PPE and fill the gaps wherever they’re needed.

Their designs and products follow highest quality standards, and can be produced faster than 3D-printed versions of the same. By repairing and repurposing older machinery, Artisan’s Asylum has upped their production rapidly; currently they’re producing 1,000 gowns per week and distributing them where needed. We want to extend our warmest thanks to Artisan’s Asylum and their volunteers, and to their utmost dedication to the community around them. We at MASSCreative are eternally proud of the innovative and vital ways the creative community shows they care, and Artisan’s Asylum sets an example for all of us as to why the arts do, and always will, matter.


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