Big Red & Shiny: Art in the Innovation Hub Part 4: Arts Non-Profits

In the fourth entry in Laura Mitchell's blog series, Art in the Innovation Hub, she considers the infrastructure supporting the arts scene in Boston. First, Mitchell explores how the Boston Center for the Arts serves local artists with a space to experiment, a venue to curate, and home away from home to nurture. Conversation eventually turns to neighborhood organizations and their crucial role in identifying cultural indicators. Without committed groups like the Dorchester Arts Collaborative, these up-and-coming artists have no easy path to exposure. Jay Gustavo, president of the collaborative, commented that the creative sector is experiencing progress in working cohesively with each other in the ecology of art in the city. Gustavo praises the creative community for coming together, and gives props to MASSCreative for its advocacy, saying: "the city can no longer afford to not listen to us."

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From the I AM KREYOL Art BaZaaR show at the Erick Jean Center for the Arts, Dorchester Arts Collaborative. Courtesy of DAC. 

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