Art Heals: ArtLifting takes a creative approach to therapy

Sometimes art is the best medicine. For Randy Nicholson, an expressionist painter, art therapy is the most validating way to cope with his troubles. Randy benefits from a free weekly program at Common Art that provides “space, materials and caring support staff to homeless people to develop their artistic abilities.”

With an outlet to create, all Randy is missing is a chance to share his talents with a wider audience. That is where ArtLifting steps in.

Liz and Spencer Powers founded ArtLifting, according to their website, as “a social enterprise that empowers individuals who are in art therapy programs at hospitals and shelters by selling their artwork.”  As a go-between for the artists and the community, ArtLifting transcends the mission of the average gallery. The company provides artists with an opportunity to not only expand their audience, but also for these marginalized populations to get a fair shot at making a living.

On working with ArtLifting, Randy speaks to the true healing power of art:

“Your interest in my work makes me feel validated. Validated. Not ‘validated as an artist’ or anything like that—just validated. This is a new feeling for me…”

For more about this exciting new group, visit ArtLifting’s website and support artists like Randy! 

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