#ArtsMatterDay 2017 Social Media Toolkit

Today, October 27 is #ArtsMatterDay! Join us for our online celebration of arts, culture, and creative expression.

1. Share our #ArtsMatterDay graphics:

To download graphics, click on the images to open, then right click (Mac: control click) and "Save Image As"

_ArtsMatterDayCOMM.png     AMD_Connections.png     _ArtsMatterDayECON.png

_ArtsMatterDayEDU.png      _ArtsMatterDayD_I.png

2. Make sure your friends are celebrating! Use our sample social media posts:


Arts & culture drive the economy, enhance education, build community, and embrace diversity & inclusion. Together, let's make an impact TODAY on #ArtsMatterDay and prove that #ArtsMatter in Massachusetts!
→ http://bit.ly/amd17social

Supporting arts & culture means a stronger Massachusetts. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay TODAY. Join me! 
→ http://bit.ly/amd17social


Help amplify the creative community’s voice on #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! → http://bit.ly/amd17social

#ArtsMatter to [me/my organization]. Together let’s celebrate arts & culture in MA on #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! → http://bit.ly/amd17social

#ArtsMatter to me because they build community. That’s why I'm celebrating #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! Join me → http://bit.ly/amd17social

#ArtsMatter to me because they drive the economy. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! Join me → http://bit.ly/amd17social

#ArtsMatter to me because they enhance education. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! Join me → http://bit.ly/amd17social

#ArtsMatter to me because they embrace diversity & inclusion. That’s why I'm celebrating #ArtsMatterDay TODAY! → http://bit.ly/amd17social

3. Plan how you're celebrating! Need some ideas? Check out last year's Storify



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