#ArtsMatterDay 2018 Social Media Toolkit

October 26 is #ArtsMatterDay! Join us for our online celebration of arts, culture, and creative expression.

1. Share the #ArtsMatterDay graphics:

To download graphics, click on the images to open, then right click (Mac: control click) and "Save Image As"

Graphics for Facebook & Twitter:

AMD18EDU.png     AMD18ECON.png

AMD18COMM.png     AMD18CONNECT.png

AMD18DEI.png     AMD18.png


Graphics for Instagram:

_ArtsMatterDayEDU.png     _ArtsMatterDayECON.png     AMD2018_Squares.png  

Connections.png     DEI.png     AMD.png



2. Share the numerous ways creativity and cultural experiences improve Massachusetts! Use our sample social media posts:


Arts & culture drive the economy, enhance education, build community, and embrace diversity & inclusion. Thats why I'm celebrating #ArtsMatterDay on October 26.

Supporting arts & culture means a stronger Massachusetts. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay October 26. 


#ArtsMatter to [me/my district]. Let’s celebrate arts & culture in MA on #ArtsMatterDay Oct 26.

#ArtsMatter to me because they build community. That’s why I'm celebrating #ArtsMatterDay on Oct 26.

#ArtsMatter to me because they drive the economy. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay on Oct 26. 

#ArtsMatter to me because they enhance education. That’s why I’m celebrating #ArtsMatterDay on Oct 26.

#ArtsMatter to me because they embrace diversity & inclusion. That’s why I'm celebrating #ArtsMatterDay on Oct 26. 

Check out MASSCreative's Creative Impact Fact Sheets for additional data and facts on the positive role the creative sector plays in our daily lives.

3. Host a Facebook live arts and culture Q & A. 

4. Feature artists, cultural institutions and creative entrepreneurs in your district on social media posts.

4. Post a Instagram or Facebook story tour of art and culture in your district.

5. If you filled out MASSCreative's Candidate Questionnaire, share your responses online.


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