Arts Matter Advocacy Day Curtain Speech

Good evening and welcome. My name is ______ and I am the _____ here at _______.

As a supporter of YOUR INSTITUTION, you know that arts and culture aren’t just nice, but a necessary part of everyday life - something that helps us build communities where we want to live, work, play and raise our kids.

We at YOUR INSTITUTION live and breathe this through our performances like X.

Right now, the State Legislature is planning out next year's budget for the Commonwealth, which includes a line item to fund artists and organizations, just like YOUR INSTITUTION. Let’s make sure the Legislature provides the arts and cultural community with the support it needs to build healthy, vibrant, and equitable communities across the Commonwealth.

On March 28, YOUR INSTITUTION is partnering with MASSCreative for Arts Matter Advocacy Day, to show our state political leaders that arts matter in Massachusetts.

Beginning at the Paramount Center in downtown Boston, Arts Matter Advocacy Day will bring together the statewide creative community for a half-day event, featuring speakers, performers, connecting with colleagues, and an 'Arts Matter March' to the State House to meet with our legislators.

Please join us on March 28 to help show our state political leaders that arts matter in Massachusetts. In your program on page X, you'll find an ad for Arts Matter Advocacy Day with an online RSVP link. Please join us for Arts Matter Advocacy Day, so we move the conversation about the arts from nice to necessary. Thank you.

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As an former Art Teacher/Grant Writer of Boston Public Schools (32 year career) I am a lifelong supporter of continued Arts funding for Schools!

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