Creativity Connects: Arts Advocacy Day 2019 
By Stephanie Mckay, Guest Contributor

On March 26, 2019, over 400 artists, arts leaders, supporters, and partners from across Massachusetts gathered for Creativity Connects: MASSCreative Arts Advocacy Day. Stephanie Mckay, MASSCreative Member and Arts Advocacy Day Captain shares her experience: 

Stephanie Mckay, stands in front of the
Massachusetts Statehouse on Arts Advocacy Day

My name is Stephanie Mckay, and I am an educator, recording artist, mother, and graduate student at Lesley University in Arts, Community, and Education. As an educator, I am committed to working locally and internationally with youth to support and empower their voices through art and creativity.

In March, I took the day to attend MASSCreative’s Arts Advocacy Day because I have seen firsthand how the arts empower youth by giving them agency over their lives, by building their confidence, self-discipline, and critical thinking. 

Growing up in the Bronx, I was a shy girl who couldn’t imagine that my voice would matter enough to make a difference in my community. Through music, my chorus teacher Mrs. Ranno gave me a vehicle to express myself and transcend my environment. The arts allowed me to imagine and construct a more complex identity. 

Today, as an educator I am inspired to help young people have access to the same opportunities of self-expression, and to believe they can make their artistic and creative dreams come true.

Stephanie and Jason Rabin of Young Audiences march through
Boston Common during Arts Advocacy Day

When I arrived at Emerson’s Paramount Center for MASSCreative’s Arts Advocacy Day, the theater was buzzing with excitement as attendees connected with friends and colleagues, celebrated arts and culture, and advocated for a more vibrant Massachusetts. 

After honing our advocacy and storytelling skills at the Paramount, I joined fellow arts advocates for an ‘Arts March’ through the Boston Common to the State House. At the State House, arts advocates connected with over 80 legislative offices, telling stories of impact and showing that arts and creativity should be a respected, valued, and expected part of everyday life. 

My experience at MASSCreative’s Arts Advocacy Day was personally empowering and reminded me of the impact of using my voice to advocate for the arts today.

In addition to using my voice to support policies and legislation that will help develop the next generation of artists, I joined MASSCreative as a monthly donor to add my economic power to the movement. I’m excited to see what is next for MASSCreative and remain engaged because of the organization’s commitment to educate new leaders and mobilize people to take action--action which directly results in a better quality of life for families and communities across Massachusetts.

Stephanie and other arts advocates from Medford and
Somerville meet with Rep. Christine Barber


MASSCreative is grateful to its grassroots advocates who also invest in our success as individual donors. MASSCreative’s monthly donors select a regular and ongoing giving calendar, taking advantage of a manageable payment plan to provide critical, sustaining support to the organization throughout the year. No amount is too small. Thank you.


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