Being a musician and an advocate on March 26-- Christopher Schroeder, Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program


As the Executive Director of the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program and Founder of the Summer Street Brass Band, my team and I are always working to provide performance and teaching opportunities for our youth musicians so they can develop their skills not only as as dynamic performers, but also as compassionate citizens.

That’s why I’m so thrilled that the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program and Summer Street Brass Band will be performing at the Emerson Paramount Center for Creativity Connects: MASSCreative Arts Advocacy Day.

Join me, our youth musicians, and advocates at Creativity Connects: MASSCreative Arts Advocacy Day on March 26 at the Paramount Center in Boston.

In 2017, when my students and I stepped onto the stage at the Paramount, we were ready to give a fun performance. When I turned to the audience, I saw hundreds of people in the theater--everyday residents and students, renowned artists, and some of the most important arts leaders in Massachusetts. That’s when I knew it wasn’t just our music, but our collective advocacy that was going to make a big impact.

AMAD17-1Photo__by_Keith_Bedford_The_Boston_Globe_via_Getty_Images.pngAnd it wasn’t just me who felt the impact. Ever since Arts Advocacy Day in 2017 when our French horn player, Jordan, saw a front page photo of himself in The Boston Globe, he’s been asking me when we’re going to lead another march through the Boston Common to the State House.

I often tell my students that it’s important to show up for causes they care about. This means not just showing up once, but showing up again and again.

Our youth musicians and I look forward to playing for you and marching together to the State House –whether it’s your first MASSCreative Arts Advocacy Day or your third. The Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program and the Summer Street Brass Band are excited to amplify our voices and show how we use music as a vehicle for social change.

RSVP for Arts Advocacy Day here.

March on,

Christopher Schroeder
Executive Director, Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program
Founder, Summer Street Brass Band

Images (1-3): Emerson College, Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe, Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe


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