MASSCreative Delivers Petition to Governor with More Than 3,000 Signatures Calling for Increased Investment in Art

BOSTON, February 17, 2015—MASSCreative delivered a petition to Gov. Charlie Baker calling for increased state investment in arts and culture. The petition was signed by more than 3,000 people and hand-delivered to Gov. Baker’s office by students from Hyde Square Task Force in Boston, which uses art to transform the lives of vulnerable youth. 

The petition calls on Gov. Baker to “provide the arts and cultural community with the support it needs to build vibrant and connected communities across the Commonwealth.” It specifically requests a $3 million increase in the budget of the Massachusetts Cultural Council to $15 million from $12 million.

“Investment in arts and culture by the state means that more young people will have access to arts education that teach our students creativity and innovation. It means increased economic activity, particularly in the downtowns of our Gateway Cities,” said Matt Wilson, Executive Director of MASSCreative. “Arts and culture is the glue that connects our neighborhoods and communities. It’s what makes Massachusetts a place where we want to play, work, visit and raise our kids.”

Over the past 25 years, the Commonwealth’s investment in the creative community has declined nearly 60 percent. Twenty-five years ago, the state invested $27 million in the creative community; 10 years ago that investment was $19 million. Today is stands at just $12 million. As a result, approximately 60 percent of arts organizations in Massachusetts operate in the red or near the margin. They are not having the impact that could be having on the economic health and educational success of our cities and towns.


Founded in 2012, MASSCreative works with creative leaders and entrepreneurs, working artists, arts educators, and arts and cultural supporters to empower creative organizations and the public with a powerful voice to advocate for the resources and support necessary to build vibrant and connected communities.

For More Information: 

Matt Wilson  617-515-2326  [email protected]



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