School and District Report Card Survey

Tell DESE you want arts education featured prominently as a measure
in the new School and District Report Cards.

Fill out the quick survey here.

Questions 4, 6 and 10 provide an opportunity to share how you’d like arts education included. All questions are optional, though question 1 is required for demographic purposes.

Here are some sample responses:
Question 4. Drag 'Information on curriculum and instruction offered (e.g., arts, advanced coursework)' into your TOP THREE choices.

Question 6. In 'Other - Write in', type “to compare arts education opportunities in dance, music, media, theatre, or visual arts, and the percent of students enrolled in these courses.”

Question 10. We suggest that you add any or all of the following bullet points. We ask you to put this information into your own unique writing style and voice.

  • The number and percent of FTE paid and licensed arts teachers in each art domain (dance, music, theatre, visual arts) assigned to each school
  • Percent of students in the school who have access to dance, media, music, theatre, or visual arts taught by a teacher licensed in that field of expertise
  • Percent of students in the school who are enrolled in dance, media, music, theatre, or visual arts taught by a teacher licensed in that field of expertise
  • For students enrolled in arts courses, how many minutes per week and for what period of time is the course of study?
  • All high school Report Cards should include a comprehensive list of all AP or IB courses that are offered nationally, including arts courses. Data for the number of students enrolled and who take and pass the final exam in any such courses offered in each school is included on the Report Card. If that course is not offered, the course is still listed but no data entered.


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