MASSCreative Advocacy Platform


Platform and Agenda 2016 

MASSCreative empowers creative organizations, individuals, and the public with a powerful voice to advocate for the resources and attention necessary to build vibrant, creative, and connected communities across Massachusetts. We do this through legislative, executive, and electoral strategies on the local, state, and national level. 

Creativity is a necessary, public good that benefits the entire community. MASSCreative works to maximize state, federal, and municipal investment in the creative sector.

  •  Increase direct state investment in local, creative communities by increasing the FY2016 Massachusetts Cultural Council budget by $3 million to $17 million.

  • Encourage municipalities to support their local creative community by matching the state allocations to their Local Cultural Councils.

  • Develop program to invest in and support the Commonwealth’s 30+ “Cultural Districts”, the centers of creative activity across the state

All Massachusetts youth deserve the chance to discover their individual passion and creative talents. It can literally be a life-changing experience. MASSCreative advocates for quality arts education and youth arts programs for each student.

  • Support one year of high school arts education as an admission requirement to the Massachusetts state university system, while ensuring access for students from low income communities.

  • Encourage investment in arts and cultural programs that benefit youth in need, through identifying new avenues of support

  • Support legislation to develop a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ARTS, and math) Task Force to include arts into ongoing STEM initiatives

Artists and creative entrepreneurs all need places to create and share their talents. MASSCreative works to provide the public resources to refurbish the old and create the new spaces for creative activity.

  • Maintain state capital investment in cultural facilities at $15 million a year. 

Individual artists of all disciplines and creative entrepreneurs often need support and resources to have the capacity to do their work. MASSCreative advocates for programs and initiatives to support creative individuals throughout the Commonwealth. 

  • Develop policies to maintain and develop housing and work space for artists.
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