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We should ask them if they like the symphony!

Help Influence the MCC Budget in the House

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I want to help MASSCreative as we shift our campaign focus to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Contact me about organizing a local meeting with my Representative.

Third Friday Advocacy Day - January 18th 2013

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Yes, our organization will participate in MASSCreative's Third Friday Advocacy Day on January 18th 2013. 

We will ask our colleagues and supporters to sign a petition to Governor Patrick and request he increase the Commonwealth’s investment in the arts and cultural community by increasing the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s FY2014 budget by $3 million to a total of $12.5 million. 

We pledge to engage our organization in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Encouraging our staff and board to sign the petition
  • Sending out a request to our email lists of supporters, Facebook friends and Twitter followers linking them to the petition and encouraging them to sign
  • Engaging our live audiences on Friday the 18th by signing the petition on their smart phones or on a hard copy at your event venue


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Increase public investment in creativity

I am interested in working to bring more public investment to our creative communities through increasing the Massachusetts Cultural Council budget. Please contact me with information about upcoming planning and strategy meetings. 

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Invest in creative spaces

I want to invest in the places where we create and share our creative work through increasing the Commonwealth's annual allocation for the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund. I want to help build a statewide movement to ask Governor Patrick to increase Massachusetts' investment to build, rehabilitate and maintain our galleries, theaters, studios and museums.

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Internships Now Available – Fall/Winter 2019

Advocate for Massachusetts’ Arts, Cultural, and Creative Community

From its world-class institutions to its community-based arts and cultural activities, Massachusetts has one of the most vibrant creative communities in the nation. Despite this, many of our political leaders still consider the arts, cultural, and creative community to be “nice, but not necessary.”

In response, MASSCreative, the statewide arts advocacy organization, was founded in 2012 and is currently supported by 380+ institutional members and 27,000 individual advocates. MASSCreative’s advocacy campaigns bring together the collective voice of the creative community to advocate for the resources and support they need to build healthy, vibrant, and equitable communities.

MASSCreative works to increase public funding for arts and culture, ensure arts education for every child, preserve creative spaces, and make arts, culture, and creativity a prominent issue in all elections in the Commonwealth. 

Join MASSCreative to help build and mobilize our grassroots network of arts leaders and supporters. MASSCreative seeks Arts Advocacy Interns interested in campaign organizing, social media & communications, policy research, and/or fundraising & development.

Internship Opportunities:

  • Recruit, train, and mobilize arts, cultural and creative community leaders and supporters to take part in advocacy campaigns.
  • Utilize social media tools to broadcast compelling stories from the creative community and build a robust online movement.
  • Analyze policy affecting the arts and cultural sector, and contribute to MASSCreative’s policy platform and initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Passion and commitment to the arts, cultural and creative community.
  • Experience as a volunteer in a campaign or campus group advocating for change.
  • Desire to work hard to recruit and mobilize a network of arts leaders and volunteers.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Course credit and volunteer intern opportunities are available for a part-time commitment.

Full time interns will receive a stipend of $1,500 for a minimum of 12 weeks of full time work. 

To Apply: Email cover letter, résumé, and one reference to Selassie (sdavies@mass-creative.org) with your name in the subject line. 

People of color, women, and LGBTQ people are strongly encouraged to apply.



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Give as a Member Organization

Support the creative community. Become a Member Organization of MASSCreative.

MASSCreative Member Organizations are an active group dedicated to supporting and empowering creative activities in their communities and in the Commonwealth.

By becoming a Member, your organization will gain access to an advocacy group of nearly 400 peer organizations. Your membership will help MASSCreative work on your behalf to build a more vibrant, healthy, and equitable Commonwealth, animated by arts, culture and creative expression.

“With MASSCreative’s leadership, the arts are in the State House, on the campaign trail and in town meetings across the Commonwealth, making the case for why art isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.”
-- Jill Medvedow, Executive Director, ICA

Please refer to the chart, below, to determine your organization's suggested donation level.


Please put the name of your organization in the first line of the address field

Feel free to join by mail instead by sending a check and your organization's information to:
MASSCreative Action Network
15 Channel Center St, Suite 103
Boston, MA 02210 


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Give as an Individual Member

Support the creative community. 

Your donation will help us bring together the collective voice of the creative community to advocate for the resources necessary to build healthy, vibrant, and equitable communities.
Thank you.

Feel free to join by mail instead by sending a check and your organization's information to:
15 Channel Center St, Suite 103
Boston, MA 02210

Monthly donations do even more to help us support the creative community. Click here to make a monthly donation.

If your organization is interested in becoming a MASSCreative Action Network Member Organization or renewing its membership, click here.

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