Plant Milkweed for the Monarch Butterly

Happy Tonics, Inc. is  a nonprofit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization and public charity in Shell Lake WI and Fitchburg, MA. Happy Tonics is a member organization of Fitchburg Cultural Alliance.

The nonprofit is dependent upon donations and grants. Officers and Board Members work as volunteers. We believe in creative collaboration with other like-minded nonprofits in agriculture, art, cultural, and history. The greatest good comes about when organizations, scientists, universities, colleges, and citizens work together for the highest good. Our Mission: Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly .

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Martha Coakley understands the importat purpose of Arts Matter in MA. I think you she has the right take on supporting an arts budget. It is not enough to simply window dress the topic, MA needs someone who will fight for the Arts as a Creative Community and Creative Economy.

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Happy Tonics, Inc. stands behind ARTS MATTER because through MASSCreative and grant from LCC Fitchburg Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council, a team of nonprofits were able to teach environnmental arts in two underserved neighborhoods in Fitchburg, MA

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Thank you for offering nonprofits a way to reach politicians and Why Arts Matter to us in Massachusetts.

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Mary Ellen Ryall
I have relocated to Fitchburg MA to a protected watershed area. Fitchburg is the second hilliest city in the country. Started to implement another habitat. This one will be a Wild Butterfly Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary. Later these images and words

MY GOAL: $100.00
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