Create the Vote


Elevating Arts, Culture, & Creativity in Elections in MA

Elections are a great time to talk about the strengths and challenges our cities face and the vision for our community. While candidates spend lots of time talking about jobs, the economy, and education, they rarely talk about arts and culture as part of their vision. Seeing the need to make arts and culture part of the discussion, MASSCreative launched Create the Vote, a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise awareness and support for the arts among voters and candidates running for public office.

In 2013, MASSCreative organized the first Create the Vote campaign during Boston’s mayoral election. The campaign hit a big benchmark when Boston Mayor Marty Walsh delivered on his campaign commitment to build an arts community in Boston and hired a cabinet-level position for the arts. In 2014, Create the Vote went statewide to elevate arts and culture in the election for a new MA governor and state legislature. In 2015, Create the Vote partnered with cities across the Commonwealth to insert arts and culture in the conversation.

In 2016, Create the Vote issued a questionnaire to all candidates running for MA House and Senate and partnered with local arts and cultural organizations on Cape Cod and in Springfield to tailor the campaign locally.

Create the Vote 2017

Create the Vote 2016

Create the Vote Statewide

Create the Vote Cape Cod

Create the Vote 1st Hampden & Hampshire

Create the Vote Fitchburg & Lunenburg

Create the Vote 2015

Create the Vote Gloucester

Create the Vote Haverhill

Create the Vote Medford

Create the Vote New Bedford

Create the Vote Springfield

Create the Vote Worcester 

Create the Vote 2014

Create the Vote MA - Gubernatorial Race 

Create the Vote 2013

Create the Vote Boston


Want to bring Create the Vote to your city? Our Create the Vote Campaign Toolkit provides the tools for any municipality to run a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise arts and culture in the conversation around elections. Contact our Senior Campaign Organizer, Tracie Konopinski, for organizing assistance: or 617-350-7610.




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