The Art of Science

Art of ScienceThe United States has over 30,000 cities. Last week, the National Science Foundation gave three of those cities reason to boast by awarding them a share of $2.6 million Art of Science Learning grant: San Diego, Chicago, and, Massachusetts' own, Worcester.

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Welcome to MASSCreative

For the past six months I have crisscrossed the Commonwealth introducing myself and MASSCreative to the leaders and supporters of the Massachusetts creative community.  I have traveled to more than 40 communities and have personally introduced MASSCreative to more than 400 arts and cultural leaders. 

Entering into this passionate and energetic group of people gives me optimism and hope that MASSCreative can provide the structure and opportunities to build a powerful and robust movement for the Commonwealth’s creative community.

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Creativity in Action: Pittsfield

You cannot do arts and culture in order to have economic development. Do arts and culture for its own sake, but wait for the lovely side effects” Megan Whilden, Director of Cultural Development in Pittsfield, MA

The city of Pittsfield embraced creativity, arts and culture at a time when the city and its residents needed it most. From there, the "lovely side effects" have been incredible.

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"Culture is an economy"

Here in Massachusetts, revitalization of the Gateway Cities has been a topic of discussion for years. A new report by MassINC shows that MassINC Creative Placemaking Reportcultivating a thriving creative community is a great way to bring prosperity and life back to these cities.

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Art you can count on.

Detroit Institute of Art


 Nobody likes paying taxes, and the people of Detroit are no different. So why did they just vote to raise their property taxes?

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Creativity in Action: Lowell's Renaissance

In the past thirty years, Lowell has seen an incredible amount of growth and revitalization. Part of the reason? Creativity.


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