Arts for All


Read the official proposal and view the list of endorsers that we delivered to the Department of Higher Education

All Massachusetts youth deserve the chance to discover their individual passion and creative talents. It can literally be a life-changing experience. At MASSCreative, we advocate for quality arts education and youth arts programs for each student.

Arts education – dance, media arts, music, theatre/drama, visual arts – is a necessary component for the development of the “whole child,” enabling each individual to become a productive, creative and innovative member of society.

Yet, art education in the Commonwealth is not equally accessible to all children. While some districts have rich, sequential and regular arts learning in every grade, others have limited or no arts learning. This is the case despite the designation of the arts as a core academic subject in the 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act’s “Common Core of Learning.”

Current college admission criteria include specific courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. Experience has shown in Massachusetts that adoption of these subject requirements ensure they are taught in every high school across the Commonwealth, resulting in a strategic sequence of learning. 

Inclusion of the arts will help make certain all certain all students in the Commonwealth have access to the arts regardless of geographic location, ethnicity, or socio-economic level.

The Arts for All Initiative calls on the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to require incoming university students to take at least one year of visual or performing arts, music or dance in high school as an admission requirement to the state university system. This will help to establish arts education as integral to every school district’s curriculum.

Read the official proposal and view the list of endorsers that we delivered to the Department of Higher Education


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