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On Wednesday, January 25, Governor Baker released his state budget, recommending a 2 percent bump to the Commonwealth’s investment in the arts and cultural community, increasing the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s budget to $14.3 million.
Take Action: Send Governor Baker a thank you note to thank him for using his state budget to make a statement for the arts. #ArtsMatter → 


#ArtsMatter in my neighborhood. Arts & culture drive the economy, enhance education, embrace diversity & inclusion, and build communities. Governor Baker recommends a 2% bump to Massachusetts Cultural Council’s budget.
Join me & MASSCreative by sending Governor Baker a note to thank him for using his state budget to make a statement for the arts. #ArtsMatter →


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1/25: @MassGovernor proposes $14.3M(2% increase) for @masscultural in MA budget showing #ArtsMatter! Send thank you:


Take Action: Send @MassGovernor a thank you note for using his MA budget to state that #ArtsMatter!


#ArtsMatter! Join me in sending @MassGovernor a thank you 4 proposing a 2% increase for @masscultural in MA budget:


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commented 2015-02-04 09:32:11 -0500 · Flag
New Governor, but not any new cuts to the budget for the arts. Let that remain the same, don’t need change in that area.

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