David Rhinelander

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Sign up to celebrate #VoterRegistrationDay

On #VoterRegistrationDay September 27, the creative community will come together to show that cultural leaders and patrons of the arts are voters, too.

Sign up here to say that you're celebrating. We invite you to:

  • Celebrate #VoterRegistrationDay on September 27 by using social media to encourage others to register to vote.

  • Celebrate #VoterRegistrationDay on September 27 by registering voters in person. If you work at an arts venue, this could be as simple as handing out voter registration forms at your information desk.

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Add your voice: MBTA and public art

Dear General Manager DePaola and Secretary Pollack,

We are writing to thank you for reinstating funding to the Integral Art projects on the Green Line Extension. We applaud this development, and encourage you to also reinstate funding for the entire Integral Art Program, including the Chelsea Silver Line, Blue Hill Avenue, and Wollaston Stations.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has a rich 48-year history of public art, and a legacy as the nation's first public art program of its kind. Public transportation is one of the great equalizers here in the Commonwealth, and the artwork created for our MBTA stations not only beautifies the stations, but also creates a sense of place and community ownership for people in every walk of life, no matter their neighborhood or income.

We understand the fiscal challenges the MBTA currently faces, yet we encourage you to acknowledge the extraordinary value that this small portion of the overall budget can put towards genuinely vibrant T Stations through the MBTA’s Integral Art Program. 

David Rhinelander

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